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How to Speak Truth Over Your Negative Self-Talk

Negative self-talk is a common struggle that many people face. It can hold you back, causing anxiety, stress, and feelings of worthlessness. However, what you say to yourself matters, and your brain believes your voice more than anyone else’s. That is why it is crucial to be mindful of your self-talk and learn to speak truth over it.

In this blog post, we will explore how self-talk impacts your life and how you can use God’s Word to turn it into a declaration over your life. By choosing positive and helpful self-talk, you can create a healthier mindset and gain greater peace and confidence.

The Power of Self-Talk

What do you sound like in your own head? How do you talk to yourself?

Is your self-talk critical? Optimistic? Frustrated? Kind? Defeated? Is it mostly negative self talk?

Self-talk matters because your brain believes your voice more than anyone else’s.

Our self-talk is powerful and has the potential to be a complete game changer, especially when we are in stressful situations.

Our self-talk is even more powerful when we take God’s Word and turn it into a declaration over our lives.

So use your voice to speak truth over yourself instead of focusing on what you are fearing or what you don’t want in your life.

Have you heard yourself say, “I’m a worrier.” This is negative self-talk and you are declaring that belief over your future. This increases the likelihood you will continue to worry and the same truth applies to being critical or angry with yourself.

Instead, say “In the past, I have worried frequently; however, I now declare that I trust God with my future. I release worried thoughts into the capable and loving hands of God who cares for me and my loved one.”

Daily Affirmation for Fighting Against Negative Self-Talk

Here’s a challenge for you today. I want you to remember this sentence:

“I declare that I have a sound mind filled with good thoughts, and I release all thoughts of negativity.”

Remember this sentence. Write it down. Make it your phone’s lock screen. Put it on a sticky note on your work desk. Once an hour, state it out loud – starting right now.

It may feel weird, but that’s okay. It’s better to feel a little silly than to feel stuck in worry, fear, anger, disappointment, or confusion.

Notice how it feels when you declare you have a sound mind. The more you say it, the more deeply it will become embedded into your subconscious mind, and the more sound your mind will become.

If that sentence doesn’t feel right to you or you want something different, choose a passage of Scripture and use the same method! Write it down. Put it in a consistently visible place. Speak it aloud to yourself throughout the day. Choose a verse that reminds you of who you are: beloved, worthy, forgiven.

Or pick a verse that reminds you of who God is: loving, trustworthy, abundant.

You are in control of the words you speak over yourself, so pick good and helpful self-talk instead of negative.

You, yes you, have the power to create a healthier mind by choosing to declare the truth of God’s word over yourself.

I declare that as you speak this declaration over your life, you will be filled with greater peace and confidence. Go ahead, train your brain by practicing good and true thoughts.

If you’re at a place where you need help with a healthier self-image and greater self-confidence, I invite you to set up a complimentary 15-minute call with me. We’ll talk through some of your story and see what your next best step is.

March 4, 2022


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