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How to Overcome Hopelessness

I’m not going to deny we are living in very difficult times. In the past few weeks, we’ve seen the world and our personal worlds rocked. Things we didn’t think would ever happen in our lifetime are unfolding before our eyes on the news and in our social media feeds.

In moments when it feels like chaos is all around and there’s so much devastation and sadness, it can feel trite or out of place to seek positivity and beauty in our everyday, ordinary lives.

“How can we delight in the daffodils and glimpses of spring when mothers are fleeing with their children to Poland to escape a war? Focusing on abundance doesn’t seem right during this dark moment when so many are suffering.”

Abundance Does Not Negate Challenges

Please let me make it clear that an Abundant Mindset doesn’t negate the challenges or suffering so present in and around us.

Turn to any news media and you can get into a fearful, sad, or disgusted state of mind in a hurry; however, if we solely focus on such difficulties and suffering, our mental health starts to suffer.

When we give all our attention to the apparent hopelessness of the world, we begin to see hopelessness and darkness in our own lives.

I don’t believe we were created to carry the weight of the pain of the world on our shoulders. That’s not for us to hold.

We need help and strength to continue to live from a place of peace, dependence, and hope.

The Answer to Hopelessness

What’s the solution? Lean on God. We can choose to follow His guidance and embrace His grace that equips and empowers us to live our best life in the midst (not necessarily the absence) of our trials. But how do we do that? How can we focus on God’s goodness and abundance?

Proverbs 17:22 says, “A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit saps a person’s strength.”

Cultivating abundance and delighting in good, beautiful things is our best defense against hopelessness in a broken world.

Appreciating and seeing the abundant grace of new spring flowers, a delicious meal, or laughing with friends is not trite or wrong. It’s what keeps the flame of hope alive in us.

I say often that it’s hard to be negative when focusing on the positive. Focusing on the positive or abundance doesn’t mean ignoring the hard things in our lives or the world. What it means is that the hard things don’t have the room to consume you.

So in the interest of your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual strength, what can you do today to be kind to yourself? What would you LOVE? Give yourself permission to do the things that will cheer your heart. It’s not natural to make this choice. It’s SUPERnatural, which means you may need God’s wisdom and guidance to make abundantly healthy choices even when life is hard.

Having an abundant mindset gives us the space we need to remember and rest in the presence of God. That’s how we can lean on Him in difficult times. When we see the goodness in God’s creation, we remember the goodness of God. Being reminded of God’s goodness will make us more hopeful for the world as we come to Him with all we’re carrying, because you come to God knowing that He is good.

If you need help working on your abundant mindset and learning how to overcome difficult emotions, schedule a free call HERE to see if 1:1 coaching is the right answer for you.

March 18, 2022


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By Dr. Richelle Hoekstra-Anderson & Tom Ziglar