Fire the Committee!

If you’re honest with yourself, is there more you are looking for in your life? I don’t mean acquiring more stuff, but becoming more? What dreams have you not yet realized? What would you love?

What happens in your mind when you start dreaming? Are you like me? Does The Committee show up? You know, the “voices” (or thoughts) that come totally AGAINST the dreams. The voices of The Committee seek to derail, distract and delay us from moving toward greater purpose, joy and passion.

I actually have nicknamed these internal committee members. The Wizard is a loud booming voice that tells me to be very afraid of change; the Gossip warns me that others will start to judge me; Ms. Critic reminds me that I won’t be perfect which is totally unacceptable; Mr. Self-Doubt always speaks in questions like “Do you really think YOU can do that?” Ms. Comparison reminds me that others are already doing what I think I want to do and they are more gifted and talented and thus I’ll never measure up. Then there is the subcommittee of Naysayers who tell me that while the “dream” works for others it won’t for me.

The Committee serves one primary purpose: to keep me stuck in a zone of familiarity under the guise of “safety.” They tell me to continue to ‘’play it safe”, “do what you already know and just be happy with where you are” and “stop yearning for more.”

Then another voice called Guilt and Shame pipes in and tells me it’s wrong to want more.

But deep down I KNOW the truth… that I am meant for more. More growth, more development, new challenges, new learning, new experiences. And so are you…

The committee says “yeah but… stepping out into the unknown will lead to…”

  • discomfort
  • rejection
  • vulnerability
  • criticism
  • embarrassment
  • failure

You would think that by listening to The Committee that I would feel comfy, safe and secure. Instead I feel stuck in discouragement, deflation and defeat…which contributes to feelings of depression and anxiety.

Except…today I decided to hit the mute button on The Committee and tuned into a fresh voice that’s been there all along. The one that has helped me get to where I am today. The one who has cheered me on through every challenge, problem, failed attempt, rejection, disappointment and betrayal. What’s my name for this voice of encouragement? The Champion. The Champion reminds me that there is MORE in me to develop, to discover, to create and that as long as I have breath, I am here to continue to pursue growth in new opportunities, new challenges and new dreams. And The Champion tells me there is victory just by taking the first step into the unknown. I am moving beyond the illusion of “safety” into the greater life my Creator has created me for. The Champion tells me it’s ok to do this afraid…and courage comes in the doing, not in the waiting to be perfect enough. The Champion is leading a new group of voices called The Team and they are cheering me on to move out of my zone of familiarity into new opportunities of growth. The Committee has been fired.

My winning team includes:

  • Believer
  • Faith
  • Learner
  • Wisdom
  • Curiosity
  • Compassion
  • Perseverance
  • Adventurer

So my friend, I ask you what are the “voices” that are holding you back from moving into a greater, fuller expression of you into the world? What are the unfulfilled dreams waiting for you to step into? It’s time to FIRE the Committee! Join me in creating a TEAM instead. The Champion reminds you and me that we are BORN TO WIN!!! Let’s go ahead and do it afraid. There’s LIFE in the doing.

March 7, 2019


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